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>Slightly Political Rant….

>Haiti is in complete chaos. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, been injured, lost their homes etc. Millions of people have been affected. And one of my friends on Facebook has their status as

‘Shame on you ENGLAND !!!!!! the only country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed without eating, elderly going without needed meds, and mentally ill without treatment – yet we donate £50 million to the people of Haiti … 99% of people won’t have the guts to copy and repost this…………..’

This absolutely disgusts me. It isn’t about having the guts to repost it – it is about having some sense of how lucky we, as a nation, are. We are so priviliged, and we lose sight of that so much of the time. Yes, our country has problems – I am not denying that, but our poverty gap is tiny when compared to most countries. How can people have the audacity to say that we shouldn’t be doing what we can to help Haiti?! They have nothing, and we have so much in comparison – even those of us living on benefits. It makes me sick that there are people in this country, who I consider to be friends, who would rather that our nation did nothing to help countries struggling so much. Nobody in Britain is facing the sort of conditions that people in Haiti are. Everyone here can access free healthcare. There are benefits. There are charities to help people. Our country is by no means perfect, and the problems mentioned in the Facebook status do apply, but they pale into insignificance when compared with the problems faced by less developed countries. Obviously not for the people experiencing them, but surely to an extent you have to look at how society as a whole is functioning?

I would be very interested to hear what other people think about this. Do people agree with the Facebook status? I am not left wing at all, but this really has disgusted me. Rant over!

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