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>Still depressed

>I seem to be struggling to write much at the moment, despite my head being full the whole time. I think maybe it is too full and so I am having difficulty distinguishing thoughts from one another. It is a few days into the New Year, and naturally nothing has changed. I still want to kill myself at the first suitable opportunity. My mum is off work this week – she doesn’t go back until Monday, so realistically nothing can happen before then at the earliest, which means I have at least another week of fucking hell. I tried buying things online yesterday to see if that made me feel any better, even if just briefly, but it didn’t. I ordered a couple of DVDs, and a couple of computer games that I will probably never play. I still haven’t watched the Lost Season 6 DVD that I bought last time I felt crap and thought that buying something would help, and every other season of Lost I have watched within a few days of it arriving, and I have had that for about 6 months now. Same with books I haven’t read, other DVDs I haven’t watched, CDs I haven’t listened to, clothes I didn’t like but didn’t get round to returning. One day I might learn that buying things when I feel crap doesn’t actually make me feel any better, it just costs money and leaves me with a pile of stuff I don’t need or want. But probably not. It’s like self harm – it used to help, and so I still try it sometimes, but it doesn’t have the same effect anymore.

My mum made me go shopping today. Hideous. I am such a shit girl. I hate shopping. I almost view it as a form of torture. I deliberately avoid the sales racks, because they are just far too confusing and stressful to even look at, which makes shopping at this time slightly awkward because half the shop is sales racks. I have absolutely no idea how anyone can get excited about sales shopping. All the shops open stupidly early on Boxing Day, and people actually queue for hours to get into the stupid shops, and hunt through loads of rails of clothes, most of which will be a) hideous, b) the wrong size, or c) both. Why would you do that? I would actually rather just pay full price for something than face the sales.

We had to go shopping because my mum managed to buy me quite a few things this year that were no good. She is actually usually really good at present buying, but she just seemed to get it all a bit wrong this year. My favourite present this year was a pair of really warm, fleecy pyjamas from my mum, but she wasn’t very impressed that they were my best present. They are so warm though, and I am always cold. I wasn’t too bothered about not getting many things I wanted – material things aren’t really meaning anything to me at the moment, I suppose primarily because I am not planning to be here much longer, plus I do genuinely prefer giving presents to receiving them, unless it is something I particularly want. My mum took back the things that she had bought for me that weren’t any good, but I really couldn’t be bothered to look around the shops properly, so I didn’t buy anything as a replacement. That’s ok. I don’t need anything. Actually I do. I have no clothes. But I spend a good 90% of my life in my pyjamas, so I don’t need too many clothes really. Although I could do with some to save the panic attack I get every time I get dressed and feel hideous in absolutely everything that I put on. It took me so long to get dressed today, and I was getting more and more worked up, because I just felt so awful in everything that I put on, and nothing was suitable, and I was just getting more and more stressed, and my mum was getting more and more angry because she had wanted to leave and I was still changing clothes. I just get into such a state, and she gets irritated with me and continually tells me how silly I am being, which I probably am, but I just can’t help it.

I do find my mum quite invalidating a lot of the time. She is always saying that I allow myself to be like this, or that my life is good and so I should be happy and stop letting myself be depressed or that I am a drama queen or that I am just saying things other people have said, like she did about New Year, and things like that, and if I ever mention that I find what she says hurtful or invalidating she says that I have picked up saying things like that from the internet or books or associating with people with mental health problems, or whatever her current theory is. It really frustrates me when I say I am stressed or upset about something and she replies with ‘You’re not really’. I know she doesn’t mean to, but she really upsets me sometimes. I wish that she would just listen to what I am saying rather than just dismissing everything. And then she gets annoyed with me for not talking to her more often and not telling her how I feel. But is it really any wonder I don’t talk to her more when virtually every time I try to I get dismissed as being a drama queen, or exaggerating, or letting myself get worked up?

I am really struggling to write. I feel really distracted by my head and the thoughts/images/films of suicide it is having. I know there was something in particular I wanted to write about, but I can’t remember what. I am feeling really shit. Not in an only able to stare at walls type way like I was last time I was having a really difficult time. Just in a I’ve had enough and I don’t want to be alive regardless of what happens kind of way. I’m not sure which is worse. Both feel shit.


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>I’m Still Here

>So, it is the 1st January 2011. 1/1/11. Start of another shitty year. I still wish I was dead and that I hadn’t made it to this year, and I still plan to correct it as soon as possible. I have a vague feeling that killing myself is a somewhat inappropriate New Year’s Resolution, but that is the thing that I want. I spent last night with my parents at home – half a bottle of champagne and a couple of Diazepam got me through. I am struggling to write. There’s lots I meant to say but I just feel like my brain has fogged over, and it isn’t due to the alcohol from last night. I intended to try and write about the positives of 2010, but I am feeling too shit to bother. I know there were positives. I just couldn’t make them mean anything to me – they all felt irrelevant. I will try and do it at some point. At the moment Sondheim’s lyrics from the song I’m Still Here from Follies pretty much sum things up.

I’ve run the gamut, A to Z.
Three cheers and dammit, c’est la vie!
I got through all of last year and I’m here!’

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>New Year blues

>Today has been a shit day. I just feel like a tonne of bricks dropped on me a few days ago, and every day another tonne has been added. My aunt was here today, which was ok, but I just find speaking to people, and trying to show any enthusiasm in what they are saying so much effort – I don’t even feel able to fake it properly any more. I ate like a fucking pig – yesterday I weighed less than a pound more than I did pre-Christmas, which I thought was quite impressive in the overall scheme of things. Today there was loads of food out because we had people over, and so I just ate fucking non stop. I felt sick and still kept eating. I desperately wanted to purge, but that wasn’t an option, and so for some reason I just kept eating instead. I am not sure whether it was supposed to be comfort eating, in which case it failed miserably as it made me feel like complete shit, or whether I was punishing myself, and since I couldn’t purge I just kept eating until I felt ill instead. Either way I ended up feeling grotesque. All day I was getting really graphic images popping up in my head of me hurting myself. Mostly bad self harm, which is quite random as I rarely self harm, and when I do it is never deep. But I just kept getting these images of me cutting myself really deep, and slicing big chunks of fat off my thighs. We have a bread knife, which is supposedly ‘The World’s Sharpest Knife’ (says that on it) and every time I see it I imagine sawing through all of the fat on my thighs with it. It will saw through frozen chicken portions, so it obviously is quite sharp. I know I would be very unlikely to do it – that just isn’t my style. I don’t like anything that involves medical attention. Proper suicide attempts are slightly different as the medical attention is not my intention or plan in those situations, but I would never take an overdose or self harm and then present at A&E – I am not judging people who do that, but it just is not something I would want to do. If I want to hurt myself I want to do it in the most unobtrusive way I can find, again barring suicide attempts, as by their nature they have a tendency to attract attention. But if there was a way I could just disappear then I would. Anyway, so I had lots of films in my head of self harming badly, and also of jumping off a multi storey car park, and of hanging myself. My head isn’t a nice place to be at the moment. It is quite distressing really I suppose. Even if you want to die, you don’t really want possible scenarios playing out in your head constantly – it all gets a bit much really.

I loathe New Year. More than I can express. I think it is actually my least favourite day of the whole year. It is even worse than my birthday I think. At least most people either don’t know, or forget, that it is your birthday, and so you can generally get through most of the day without it being brought to your attention, and if you look at it from a materialistic view point you usually get presents and a cake, and so there are some nicer aspects to it, although I have to say that I think birthdays are pretty shit really, and I refused to acknowledge mine on the correct day this year. But anyway. New Year. What the fuck is the point? It is another year. And people actually seem to think that because the number of the year is different, your life will also be different. That things will change for you this year, or that this will be the year that is good for you, or where you will achieve something, and bollocks like that. No. It will be the same – the date will just be slightly different. And then you are expected to stand around drinking Champagne and singing a stupid song that nobody actually knows the words to, and saying Happy New Year to everyone you see for the next couple of days. And I don’t know what we are fucking celebrating. I have never understood that, ever. It makes no sense to me. All it does for me is remind me of everything I have wanted to achieve but haven’t in the past year, and make me realise what a failure I am.

My mother has done a good job of reminding me of that this evening actually. She doesn’t do it intentionally, but she really seems to have a knack of tapping into my insecurities. Earlier on she told me she really thought I should have applied for drama school this year, and that if I didn’t go this year (meaning 2011) she didn’t think I would ever go, and that this would have been a really good year to apply. I said that I didn’t feel well enough, but according to her I am because I can get up on stage and perform, and that is all you do at drama school. Which is of course complete rubbish. She then pointed out that if I didn’t go this year I would be at least 26 when I started, and that I would be getting old, and when I said that actually some people go to drama school a lot older than that she said that they would have achieved something first, whereas I haven’t done anything. Which is all fucking true, and makes me even more angry and upset because of that. If she had been talking bollocks then I could have coped with it, but she was saying all of the things that I always think. That I am getting old, that I haven’t achieved anything, and basically that I will never accomplish the only thing I have ever wanted to do, because I am leaving it too late because of my mental health problems. Great. Just what I needed to hear the day before my least favourite day of the entire year when I dwell on all of those things anyway. She didn’t say any of it in a nasty way. It just felt like salt being rubbed into a very raw wound.

Apparently my sister has invited my parents to spend New Year’s Eve at their house. Not me of course because she still hates me. I was hoping they would go, but it seems they aren’t going to. I had it all planned out. If they went I was going to tell them I would probably be asleep by the time they got home, take an overdose as soon as they had left, and leave a note somewhere where it would be found but not immediately, so that they wouldn’t see it when they got home. Then when they got home they wouldn’t have known I had taken an overdose, and so would just think I was sleeping, then I usually sleep until at least 1, so they wouldn’t come up to see me before that, and it may even have been an hour or two after, and so my overdose would have had a good 18 hours to work before I was found, possibly even 20. Unfortunately it seems they aren’t going to go. Primarily because my dad doesn’t want to, although my mum also said that she didn’t want to leave me here on my own on New Year’s Eve, despite me protesting that I really didn’t mind at all. They know that I loathe New Year and don’t want to celebrate it. They see me having a complete breakdown every year. And yet they still try to give me champagne and say Happy New Year to me. When I said something to my mum tonight about how much I hate New Year she said she thinks someone must have said they hated New Year to me, and so I say it as well. Because I clearly couldn’t actually have a thought of my own – everything I think and feel that she doesn’t understand or disagrees with, she calls my ‘quirks’ and seems to attribute all of them to things that other people have said or done that I have copied. I suppose that fits in quite well with her agreeing with my sister that there isn’t actually anything wrong with me and that I do everything for effect.

I am feeling really terrible. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up again. I can’t imagine anything at all that would make me want to live, or make this constant pain bearable. I really want to die. I don’t want to be told how much I have achieved, or how strong I am, or that 2011 will be better for me, or anything else. I just want my life to end, and I consider myself incredibly weak for not making that happen before this.

‘Turning, turning, turning through the years.
Minutes into hours and the hours into years.
Nothing changes, nothing ever can
Round and round the roundabout and back where you began.
Round and round and back where you began!’
 – ‘Turning’, Les Miserables

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>I am still struggling enormously. I am completely terrified by how close New Year is. I want so much not to be alive by then, but I know that realistically I am not going to get an opportunity to act on it before then, and I don’t know how to cope with that. I want to be dead now. Not in a few weeks or months or years. Tomorrow my aunt, who has been over from the US for Christmas, is coming over, which means I can’t do anything tomorrow, and couldn’t do anything tonight. And then it is New Year’s Eve. At the moment I am coping by taking Diazepam when things feel too much, and am generally just a bit of a mess. I think the only way of getting through New Year’s Eve will be taking a lot of Diazepam, and anything else that might help, and just sleeping through it, but even that isn’t really a solution because I will have to wake up the next day. I want to die so much. I really just can’t express how hideous this feels. And it is just so bloody unrelenting. Ok, sometimes I get a few weeks when I feel crap but I am slightly more able to cope, and less suicidal, but things are always shit, and I seriously believe that suicidal is a completely logical decision for me – I feel like it has reached a point where the pain is just too much, and too unrelenting. I want out as soon as possible. I know that it is very unlikely to be before the New Year, but it will be as soon as is practical after that.

People say I have achieved things this year and that I should be proud of myself. But the point is, that none of the things I have done actually mean anything. They have no impact on my life, or how I feel. Sure, I have done things, but they don’t mean anything. I still feel hideous and I still want to die. I don’t want to wait and see what the future brings, or what opportunities there are in the New Year or anything else, because it doesn’t matter. None of it matters. I am just desperate and I don’t want to be here, and nothing can change that.

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>I am feeling worse and worse. In the last couple of days I have turned into this tense, anxious mess, constantly on the verge of tears but never actually letting the tears out, feeling desperately alone regardless of whether I am with people or not, continually thinking about how I can kill myself before the New Year because I can’t cope with it. I feel sick with anxiety, and just completely overwhelmed. I feel like a complete and utter failure for letting yet another year of my life go by without achieving anything significant. My mental health problems are not getting any easier at all to cope with – if anything I would say that in many ways they are more difficult to live with now than they used to be, and so I can’t see myself being able to achieve anything in the next year if I were to stay alive for it either. I have had enough of everything. I have been feeling like this for too long and I just can’t cope with another year with no end in sight. My usual coping mechanism when things start to feel impossible is to turn to my weight and food, and to try and control that, but that is absolutely impossible at the moment as there is food everywhere, and I have gained several pounds – I haven’t eaten an enormous quantity, but I have eaten a lot more than usual, and I have eaten a lot of foods that are high in calories and fat, so it isn’t surprising. But it means that my normal method of attempting to control my mood even slightly isn’t available to me.

I know New Year is just a day, I know that things might improve in 2011, but I don’t actually give a shit, I just need everything to stop, and before 2011 starts. The thing that scares me most is that it is so few days away and I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to do anything about it. I wish it wasn’t this time of year, because I do appreciate that it is not good timing, but I just can’t cope with the start of another year, I really really can’t. I am feeling so desperate to get out. I wish I had killed myself years ago, or that one of the attempts I had made had been successful – there has never been a point when I have been pleased to still be alive and that I survived, and I think that has to prove something. Maybe some people just aren’t meant to be, I don’t know. I just know it feels completely unbearable at the moment, and I don’t want to be here for the start of another year.

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>Christmas and New Year

>Christmas Day was actually ok. It was pretty quiet, as it was just me and my parents for most of the day. It was actually nice to just be relaxed and for it to be quiet, rather than busy and noisy with lots of people – it felt easier to cope with. Food was difficult, but then I think that food will always be difficult for me, and particularly at the moment, when food plays such a central part in trying to control my mood. I didn’t eat an obscene amount I don’t think – it is just far more than I am used to eating, and when there is constantly food out then it can be difficult to deal with. Plus alcohol calories always bother me. But it was quiet and relaxed, although in retrospect I am not really sure what we did with ourselves. Then at about 6 one of my sister’s friends came over for the evening – he is single and had his children with him until 4, and then they had gone to their mums so he came to us, and we played Jenga and cards in the evening/night. I wasn’t excited or enthusiastic about it being Christmas, but I got through it, and it was fine and not too stressful.

Today was more difficult. Both of my brothers came over with their families, so there were 8 people in the house, plus me and my parents, so it was much busier and louder, and I just found it a bit much really. I went down for a while and then just found it all too much, so came upstairs for a while to spend some time on my own and then went down again. It wasn’t that they were doing anything wrong – I just wasn’t feeling very good, and I didn’t have the energy to put on my happy face or sit and make small talk. My parents are going to visit my brother tomorrow, but I have decided to stay here for a couple of reasons – firstly I don’t see a need to see them again when we saw them today, it seems pointless, but really I just can’t face another day with a lot of people – all of his wife’s family will be there tomorrow as well, and I just don’t want to have to see lots of people, and it is much harder to escape when you aren’t in your own home, so I will stay here with the dog.

I am feeling really quite awful. I wasn’t feeling great yesterday, but I put on a happy face, and because it was all pretty quiet and laid back I got through it alright. Today was a lot more difficult, but I was trying to hold up but it was like a big wave of desperation and hopelessness came and hit me this evening, after not feeling good all day. I don’t really know why – I just know I feel really awful and nearly burst into tears in front of my parents for absolutely no reason, which is so unlike me. I even said that I felt really crappy, which I very rarely do. I just didn’t want them to think I was just being grumpy or ungrateful or anything. I suppose that although I haven’t been consciously thinking about it, I am very stressed about New Year. I do not want to be alive by then, it feels like more than I can deal with, and I don’t see the point, and the speed with which it is approaching is really quite terrifying, particularly now that Christmas is over. Not having anyone I can contact to talk to doesn’t help, but then I don’t think talking would make any difference – I have felt for months like I didn’t want to live to see 2011, and I still feel like that – telling someone that I feel like that won’t change anything, so maybe it doesn’t matter anyway. I just feel really horrible.

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>Weather and Christmas

>Lots of pretty snow. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and snowed all afternoon and evening, so we ended up with a good 6 inches of snow, which is the first proper snowfall we have had this winter – when everyone else had shit loads a few weeks ago we just had a tiny covering. Very pretty. Not so great from the practical point of view.

Firstly, our poor Christmas tree, which was supposed to be put up this weekend, was standing outside when it started snowing, and so got covered with 6 inches of snow, along with everything else. Therefore it couldn’t come inside, or the snow would have then melted and flooded the lounge, which would have been somewhat inconvenient. Then there is the added problem that it needs potting, which involves needing soil, and the ground being a) frozen solid, rock hard, inpenetrable, and b) also being covered with 6 inches of snow. Not entirely sure what the plan is. Can shake most of the snow off the tree, but it doesn’t help the problem of having nothing to plant it in of course.

I had a carol concert tonight. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to get there or not. The roads had been gritted, but unsurprisingly grit isn’t terribly effective on top of lots of snow – I think they are meant to put it down before it starts snowing, or when there is a tiny bit, rather than when it has finished snowing and it is laying thick everywhere. So the roads are a nightmare. In the end we decided to go, but had to drive very slowly the whole way, and there was a bit of skidding at times. The concert was fine. The majority of both the band and choir had managed to make it, which was pretty impressive given how many of us live in the middle of nowhere, with terrible roads, and therefore had a nightmare getting there, although one person did point out that we must all be completely mad to have bothered. My sister is still doing a wonderful job of ignoring me – in a way it is quite impressive that we could both sing Soprano in the same choir, and her not speak to me at all during rehearsals or the concert. I have made some effort several times, but she certainly is not reciprocating, so there is very little I can do about it. I just find it quite astounding how immature she can be.

Audience numbers at the concert were down on other years, which was to be expected, but there were still probably 250 people or so I would guesstimate, so not bad given the conditions. Carols were fine – sore throat and snotty nose weren’t really helping, but it was fine – the throat is getting better, and although I obviously could have sung better I think it was fine. And nobody would have known if it wasn’t actually – the joys of singing in a choir rather than as a soloist! It was bloody freezing though. A blouse and skirt just are not very warm, and the church wasn’t very warm, I suppose because there was about half the number of people there would usually be, so I felt like a snowman by the end of it. Then had the fun of the journey home again.

We were supposed to be going Christmas shopping tomorrow but I think realistically that isn’t going to happen – it is a good 45 minute drive to where we were going, which would take much longer with the roads as they are, and it isn’t meant to get above -3, and is supposed to be foggy too, so I think it would just be dangerous to try and travel that far. We will go on Tuesday or Wednesday, although Tuesday could be difficult because I am seeing L at 11, and I think after that would be getting a bit late to go off shopping, so it will probably have to be Wedneday. Which is leaving it a little close for comfort, but never mind! The weather is so frustrating – I wish it had stayed dry this week, and then just snowed loads on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – that would have been so pretty, and wouldn’t have caused any inconvenience. We could have just made a snowman. As it is I think it is going to melt before then and we will just end up with nasty slush everywhere. Yuck. Wrong timing by 1 week unfortunately.

I am not feeling too stressed about Christmas, but I am about New Year. I am trying not to think about it, because I get really upset and panicky when I do. I just absolutely do not want it to happen at all, under any circumstances. I just don’t. I really feel at the moment like I can’t cope with it. It is just too overwhelming and stressful. As soon as I hear the words or think about it at all, I get this sudden mad rush of totally overwhelming thoughts. I genuinely have absolutely no idea how I will get through it right now – I might try and knock myself out early in the night and just sleep through it, but then I will still have to wake up and it will be 2011, and that is just so unbelievably shit. I need to freeze time or rewind time or erase myself or something. Very anxious, very stressed, very desperate.

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