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>So a little bit about me. As I said in my profile, I am 23, and this blog will probably be mostly Mental Health related. I live in the South East of England with my parents. I started having problems with depression and bulimia when I was 17, for which I was given Prozac and a CMHT referral. At 18 I started seeing a psychologist at the CMHT, whom I saw for about a year, and various psychiatrists. I also tried to kill myself. Several years/hospitalisations/suicide attempts later and here we are. My diagnosis is now Borderline Personality Disorder, which I have rather mixed feelings about, that I will discuss another time. Prior to this my diagnoses were depression, anxiety, and EDNOS. All still apply. I just have a shiny new label on top. I have a fantastic CPN, who is my Care Coordinator, who I will refer to as L. I see her weekly. I also see N, my support worker weekly, and Dr E my psychiatrist, and Dr O my GP monthly.

I would say that I am not a ‘typical’ Borderline in some ways. Although I do self harm, it is infrequent, and superficial. It is something I do as a last resort, when I am very suicidal, in an attempt not to do anything worse. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it doesn’t. I tend to be rather sarcastic, rather un PC, and laugh about my problems. Sometimes this doesn’t go down too well with the professionals. I think that is probably about all I have to say for now. Beware though, I usually ramble on for far longer than this.


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