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>Catch up

>It feels like so long since I have written anything! That is mostly because my laptop charger decided to break – there were little wires poking out, so I decided that fiddling around with it trying to make it work probably wasn’t the best idea, although I did give it a little go. So that was on Saturday night that it stopped working completely, and then the only other working computer we have in the house is my Dad’s laptop, which he was using most of yesterday, so I didn’t get much time on the computer until today. I have ordered a new charger for my laptop, but I am guessing it won’t be here until the end of the week, so I will be laptopless for a few days more unfortunately.

The shows went well Saturday. Well, mostly anyway. My back and hips were hurting, but I got quite used to that really. There was something I wasn’t at all happy about on Saturday – someone came into our dressing room during Act 1 of the matinee and told me that my pas de deux partner had been drinking. I was pretty pissed off – for a start you aren’t allowed alcohol backstage full stop, secondly it is incredibly unprofessional, but also it is really quite dangerous – I didn’t want to do lifts with someone who had been drinking. He apparently thought it was all fine because he felt in control but I felt like that was pretty irrelevant – alcohol throws your balance off, and even if you do feel in control sometimes you aren’t. Several people spoke to him, and he promised them he wouldn’t have any more. The matinee went ok – I could smell the alcohol on his breath, but he did seem ok. Then the evening show came round and the second he walked on stage I could see he had been drinking more. There was fuck all I could do about it, so I just had to get on with it and hope for the best. It wasn’t that great – he wasn’t really drunk or anything, but he had definitely had enough that it was having an impact on his balance, and it didn’t feel right, and the choreographer could see it wasn’t right – the audience probably couldn’t have because they hadn’t seen it before, but the fish dive was actually quite scary – I ended up at such an angle I didn’t think he was going to be able to get me back up. So yes, I was pretty pissed off about that, and I really don’t know what he was thinking. All through rehearsals and the other performances he had been great – I felt really safe with him and we got on well, and I just have absolutely no idea what made him drink on Saturday. If he had stopped during the interval of the matinee like he told people he would once they had pointed out how dangerous it was to drink before going on stage and partnering someone then I wouldn’t have been so angry, but it was so clear that he had carried on drinking after that, and that really pissed me off. Anyway, apart from that it was all fine. Between the shows some of us ordered in pizza, and people just hung out, but there wasn’t that long really. I had lots of cards and things from other cast members – in fact I had a card and little present of some type from my stage mother every night! But got various other little presents and cards on Saturday, and 12 beautiful yellow roses from my stage father. My parents also got me some flowers and a card, as they had forgotten to get me a card at the start of the run, but I can’t remember what those flowers were. I am not good at flowers. I know roses and tulips and that is more or less it. They may have been Gladioli?? I don’t know. My mum did tell me but they are pretty flowers – I don’t need to know the name.

I went to the aftershow party. I wasn’t sure what to do, but in the end someone who lives not too far away from me gave me a lift home, so I was able to stay for a couple of hours, so that was nice. It feels quite weird it is over. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself tonight, as I should have been at ballet and then rehearsal, but it is half term, and the show is over. My body definitely needs a rest though. My back is still really quite painful, and so really needs a break, then my hips are still incredibly tight and sore. My cold and sore throat seem to be going, but I have at least 7 mouth ulcers which are very painful. I have had at least 3 constantly for the last couple of weeks, but now I just have so many of them, and some of them are really horrible. So I think I am quite run down. I have absolutely no plans for the week at all apart from seeing L tomorrow morning. The rest of the week is totally free. I think T wants to do something one day or evening, but I don’t know what or when. There are a couple of limbering classes at my dance school, but I am not going to go, although I feel like I should, because I think my body really just needs a break. I am not very good at listening to my body when it tells me to stop – I just make it keep going, like with my back and the show, but I think it is screaming as loudly as it can and I should probably take notice. So probably lots of watching bad TV and sleeping. Lots of sleep would be good. I am sleeping really badly, because I keep waking up from the pain of my mouth ulcers. I have been putting stuff on them, but it just kind of wears off and I end up waking up with them really hurting.

Mood wise I have been a bit all over the place really. Last week was quite strange, as I was having a lot of suicidal thoughts that I knew I couldn’t act on, and feeling very flat even when I was on stage, but then some of the time I was having fun too. It was a really lovely cast, and the girls in my dressing room were very funny, and so there was a lot of laughter etc, but then there were these underlying thoughts about suicide all the time. And of course my weight. I am not at all happy with my weight at the moment, and I was very conscious of it last week, particularly because one of my dresses was very tight – it fitted but it couldn’t have been any smaller at all. And I just can’t help comparing myself to other people. I know my body perception must be a bit wrong from the way I perceive myself in relation to other people, as if I find out their actual weight or measurements etc they are always bigger than I expect, as I base my expectations on how I think they look compared to me – for example the girl playing my stage mum I thought was much smaller than me, but actually she weighed a few pounds more and was an inch shorter, so I know that logically she can’t be that much smaller than me. Maybe a bit, because she is a lot more muscular than I am, but she can’t be as much smaller as I see her as being. I really do need to lose weight though. I have been saying that for so long now, but it really has to happen. Not to a stupidly low weight – just a weight that I can be more comfortable at. I know it won’t magically solve everything and make me happy, but it will at least give me one less thing to hate myself for.

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>I think my body hates me. Firstly, I hurt my back. My fault, fair enough, but why is it still not better?? I hurt it 2 and a half weeks ago (and then hurt it more 2 weeks ago), but I did then give it 10 days of complete rest and lots of anti inflammatory tablets and painkillers and a physio appointment and Tiger Balm, so I think I treated it nicely. But it still isn’t better. It is still hurting me. Both my GP and the physio told me it would be completely better by now, and it is far from that. It is better than it was, but it still hurts a lot, and is definitely not completely better. I have been dancing this week, because I just couldn’t afford to take any more time off rehearsing, but I have taken out the lift that was most likely to cause a problem, as it was how I originally hurt it, and today was the first time I have danced full out and done all of the other lifts etc. But it is definitely hurting. Although Tiger Balm is a godsend, and helps far more than any painkillers.

Then there is this cold/sore throat/earache thing I have going on. I don’t feel terribly congested, which is supposedly what is wrong with my ear, as I can breathe through my nose etc, but my ear is still hurting despite the enormous quantities of painkillers I am taking for my back, and it feels weird – like when you have been swimming and have water stuck in your ear and everything sounds strange, except I haven’t been swimming and got water stuck in my ear. And then the sore throat/cough thing. Then I also have 4 mouth ulcers which are pretty uncomfortable to say the least, and finally, just to add insult to injury, I got a spot today. Fabulous.

So I think it is safe to say that my body hates me. Or I am very run down. Or a combination of the two. Can bodies hate you? If they can I am going with that. Otherwise I suppose it is just stress and lack of sleep and bad timing.

I went to ballet last night despite feeling shit. I had missed 2 full weeks because of my back, and so decided that I really shouldn’t let a cold stop me from going. It was ok, although possibly did make my back a little worse, although it is hard to tell really. Then tonight I had rehearsal, plus an extra dance rehearsal before to go through the pas de deux in the ballet as we have had so little rehearsal time. I think we have got it sorted now. My back hurt quite a lot after, but I don’t have to dance again until Sunday now, so I have a couple of recovery days. And there isn’t much I can do about it anyway. There isn’t anyone who could replace me at this stage, so I just have to get on with it. It apparently looked beautiful (although I suspect that is a gross exaggeration) so at least I am not hurting myself for nothing…

Tomorrow I have a costume call in the evening, and have told my mum I will go shopping with her in the day. My cousin is getting married on Saturday and she apparently has nothing to wear, so I have to help her find something. I don’t know whether to go to the wedding or not. It is all a bit difficult really. I would like to go, because it is my favourite cousin getting married, but I would need to travel there with my parents for the wedding at 12. They are then invited to the wedding breakfast in the afternoon, but I am not, and would therefore have about 6 hours to kill before the evening reception started, and I have no idea how I would fill that much time. Originally I was actually going to be invited to the wedding breakfast, but my siblings weren’t, as they are all married with children, and the place they are having it is expensive, and all of them going would basically mean an extra 12 people. But my mother knew my sister would have an almighty strop if I was invited and she wasn’t, so she told them not to invite me either. So I would have to leave the house at 10:30 with my parents, go to the wedding itself at 12, then find something to do for lots of hours until the evening reception started at 7. So that is a bit of a problem. I would like to see my cousin get married – I have always liked him, ever since he used to play hide and seek with me when I was little, despite being a lot older. In fact, I used to say that I was going to marry him when I was very young, before I realised that marrying your cousin wasn’t the done thing. But 6 hours – what on earth could I do for 6 hours?!

The other problem with it is that I don’t know what time I would get home, and I have to be at the band call for Carousel at 10 the next morning, until 2, then be at the theatre at 5 for the tech rehearsal, which should finish about 10, so I will be out the house for about 13 hours on Sunday, which is obviously a very long day, and it wouldn’t be ideal to precede that with another long day. Plus techs tend to be pretty stressful, and hellish, as everything that can go wrong does, and you suddenly realise you are going to have to completely reset certain scenes, or the staging isn’t what you were expecting, or your costume proves to be a nightmare, and you end up having to stop every 3 minutes because a lighting cue hasn’t worked etc, and you keep being reminded that the tech rehearsal isn’t for the actors, it is for the tech crew, but that doesn’t make it any less of a nightmare, and everyone leaves thoroughly disheartened. Or that is my experience of techs anyway. Then on Monday I have the dress rehearsal, and am intending to go to ballet before as there won’t be an issue timing wise, then I have performances Tuesday onwards. So the next week and a half is going to be pretty hectic.

So I can’t decide whether I want to go out all day to a wedding the day before all that kicks off. The obvious answer would be no – it would be a fucking stupid thing to do when I am already ill and injured and tired and everything else. But weddings are special – it isn’t like I can decide to go another day instead. But I just keep wondering what on earth I could do with those 6 hours in the middle, and do I really want to be out late the day before tech, or is that just asking for trouble? And if I do decide to go to the wedding then I also need to find something to wear tomorrow. What do you wear to a wedding in the autumn when the weather is crap? I only know what you wear to summer weddings. I also need to dye my hair tomorrow as it needs to be darker for the show really. Too much to do.

I am still feeling shit, but there isn’t much to say about that really. Nothing new. My weight had gone up today, and I felt absolutely terrible about it. I then rectified the sitation by eating nothing but junk food all day, which will ensure another gain tomorrow, and I will therefore feel even worse. T came over this afternoon to watch DVDs, and brought with him an enormous pizza and a chocolate orange. Actually he brought 2 enormous pizzas, but I only cooked 1 of them as there was no way I was eating more than half of one of those. So my food intake today has consisted of half a (giant) pizza, quarter of a chocolate orange, then at rehearsal there were jaffa cakes and Cadbury caramel nibbles, which I had quite a few of, and then a chocolate cookie my mum had brought home from work after rehearsal. So ermm the only non chocolate item of food I have eaten today is half a pizza. How spectacularly unhealthy and fattening. I really do disgust myself sometimes. So yes, weight is shit, will be even shitter tomorrow, feel depressed and suicidal, too much on, ill, injured, and have a spot. Life is going well. And yes, the spot does fucking matter. I am currently viewing it as the straw that broke the camel’s back. A little tiny thing but just made me feel everything that could possibly be wrong, is.

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>Still ill

>I am not feeling well again today. I don’t actually seem to have too much of a cold, but my left ear hurts and feels like it has water in it – everything sounds a bit muffled, and my head just feels fuzzy and I am a bit dizzy. I am also very tired, and my back still isn’t better. I am taking lots of painkillers, so it is kind of crap that my ear and back still hurt. I have ballet tonight. I am really not in the mood for it – I feel pretty rough so staying in bed seems like a much better idea, particularly given that this will be the last night I won’t have to be out for the next week and a half, but it is over 2 weeks until I have been to ballet, and my back isn’t so bad that I can’t go, so I feel like I should.

I wanted to go to the Doctor today to see if my ear was infected, or if it was just hurting so much because of congestion, and it seems to just be congestion, so there isn’t much I can do about that really. Yet another thing wrong that I can’t do anything about – great! I didn’t actually see a doctor – it was a nurse who can prescribe. Not entirely sure what the difference is now that nurses can prescribe actually. Obviously the training, but I am not sure what the difference is in what they can do.

I just feel really crap. It seems like everything that can be wrong at the moment has gone wrong. Bad ear, bad back, cold, sore throat, fuzzy head. Plus hating my weight, feeling shit, etc etc. I just feel really terrible.

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>Cornwall Day 7 and Home

>I am back home. The last couple of days of my holiday were ruined rather, as I came down with a nasty bug, that had me vomiting for 8 hours on Wednesday night. Very unpleasant. I have no idea where it came from – I am sure it wasn’t food poisoning, as I hadn’t eaten anything that could even be remotely suspicious, but I don’t know anyone who was ill, so I have no idea where I could have caught it from. I didn’t feel that great Wednesday evening, but I was ok, and then about midnight I started feeling really quite sick, and half an hour later I was being violently sick, and that carried on right the way through the night. It was quite strange, because it is unusual for me to get stomach bugs – my mum usually gets any of those going around, and I get headache/earache things, and nausea but not actually being sick. Whenever I have a sick bug it always strikes me how different it is being sick when you are ill to purging. Strange really. I suppose it is partly a control thing – when you are purging it is a choice and you are in control of it, whereas when you are ill it just happens, and is really quite hideous!

So anyway, I was in bed all day Thursday – I slept a lot of the time, as I had got very little sleep during the night, and I felt too weak to get up, plus I was still feeling ill. I felt a bit cheated really, as I had planned to go swimming again, and there were other things I wanted to do, and I was just stuck in bed all day. My parents went out for a meal in the evening, as we had already booked, but I knew that even sitting in the pub with them would be too much, so I stayed home. And then we left this morning. The car journey back wasn’t great, particularly the first hour or so, as I still feel quite ill, and even though I hadn’t been sick since yesterday morning, and knew I probably wouldn’t be, I felt very sick, and I still can’t think about any food except very plain, salty things, which I always find good when I feel sick – ready salted crisps are the best, and salted crackers, but that has been about the extent of my diet today and yesterday. On the plus side, I had lost weight yesterday morning! Obviously purely because I had thrown up everything I had eaten, and wasn’t even able to keep water down, but at least it stopped the weight gain, if I am doing the looking for the silver lining thing. I didn’t weigh today as the scales had already been packed in the car by the time I got up this morning, so I will have to see what the total holiday weight gain damage is when I get up tomorrow….

I need to sleep now – I am very tired, despite sleeping for several hours in the car on the way home, as well as last night and most of yesterday. I am hoping that I will feel better in the morning.

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>London Day

>I made it to London. Just. I very nearly cancelled. By last night I was getting quite stressed about it, even though it was only about 2 hours after I had arranged it, and I woke up this morning and just didn’t want to go. I was pretty stressed. I decided to use my usual decision making technique – weigh myself, and if it had gone down then I would go, or at least get ready to so I could decide later, and if it had gone up I wasn’t leaving the house. It had gone down, so I went off to shower etc. Getting out of the house was a bit of a nightmare – I was supposed to leave at quarter past 11, but it ended up being 12 when I left. Those 45 minutes were spent getting increasingly frustrated and upset at not being able to find anything to wear that I felt comfortable in. Everything I put on I just felt enormous in, and so kept changing, and then had a bit of a cry because I felt so horrible about myself. I finally ended up in the second outfit I had tried on, which was very boring – black linen trousers and a black top, but I decided I would rather look boring than wear something I would feel even more enormous in. But yes, that made me pretty late. And then in the car on the way to the station I really did not want to go – I was basically just having one long panic attack, and I desperately wished I had cancelled. I had a Diazepam, and in the end I texted G to see if she had already left or not, because if she hadn’t I was just going to turn around and go home. I said that I was on my way to the station, but had a nightmare getting out the house due to clothes, and was very anxious so might be pretty crap company. She replied saying that if I didn’t feel up to it then she would completely understand, and that she was on her way and would love to see me, but that if I felt crap I wouldn’t enjoy it, and to let her know what I wanted to do. The Diazepam had started to kick in by that point, and her text made me feel a bit better too, so I decided I would go.

I met up with her at Leicester Square, and she had already been to TKTS and bought our tickets for the show, so we headed pretty much straight off to that, although we did pop into a shop so that G could buy some sweets to take into the theatre! The show was excellent. We had wanted to go this week, as Tamsin Outhwaite, who is playing Charity, was on holiday this week, and we both wanted to see her understudy rather than her ideally. It was a really good production – Tiffany Graves, who was playing Charity, was absolutely perfect for the part, she was really great. The cast overall was really strong actually – there wasn’t much to criticise. Fantastic choreography – was interesting to see Sweet Charity without Fosse choreography, although I absolutely love Fosse and did miss it a little at times. But it was just a very good production. It was quite funny because during the first Act I kept thinking how brilliant Josefina Gabrielle’s body was, and how jealous I was of it, and the first thing G said to me in the interval was ‘How good is Josefina Gabrielle’s body?!’

After the show we popped into a couple of shops – there was a CD I wanted to buy, and some black footless tights for dance, and then we headed off for dinner. We were going to Pizza Express, which was hard in terms of high calorie food, but then there isn’t really a lot that I could eat out and feel comfortable with. I wasn’t feeling too dreadful after my main course, but then we had dessert and that was just too much, and I couldn’t cope with it, and I did purge. I really wasn’t intending to, but when I had eaten it I just couldn’t deal with the feeling and the taste etc. I suspect G knew that I did, or at least suspected, but she didn’t say anything thank goodness. I do love G – she is great. I am glad I went in the end, despite how stressed and anxious I was this morning. I couldn’t have done it without Diazepam, but I guess that is what it is for.

I am worried about what my weight will be in the morning. I know it will have gone up, but I am just really scared as to how much by. Tomorrow will be difficult too, as I have a dance class in the morning, so I am back to the 2/3 meals a day thing, which is hard. Which just leaves Friday and Saturday to try and lose, so there is absolutely no way I will get my 2lbs this week. Thinking about that makes me wish I hadn’t gone to London today, as if I had stayed home I wouldn’t have eaten nearly as much, and I would have lost weight tomorrow rather than gained, and at the moment that seems more important than anything else. Bit worried about my throat. It has still been hurting, and I have a singing lesson tomorrow, and I couldn’t afford to cancel it as I have this audition on Sunday, so I need to sort out what I am singing. Purging won’t have helped that, but it is the sore throat from this cold that is a bigger problem – I am still very husky, and it is still sore. I will just have to take it easy tomorrow I suppose. I really hope I haven’t gained too much. I am scared.

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>Insert Title…

>I felt a bit better again today, but I didn’t go to dance this morning, because I thought suddenly getting up and jumping around might make me feel a bit ill, and I didn’t want to go 20 miles there are back and not feel up to dancing, so I went back to sleep instead. I had an appointment with L at half 1, which was good. She is referring me to the team Psychologist for an assessment – possibly just to look at what direction we should be working in etc, or possibly to see the Psychologist for a while – I suspect it would be for CAT, which is usually 16 sessions, as I think they more or less just do that and CBT, and L knows my views on CBT. I wish I could have DBT, as I would really like to try it, but nowhere in my area does it, and they don’t offer long term psychotherapy either.

I had rehearsal tonight for Carousel. It was a dance rehearsal – I was learning the opening section for the very long dance section in it. My shins are hurting a bit, as the floors there are hideous – they are just concrete. I tweaked the choreography a little (quite a lot…) as the choreographer didn’t seem to mind. There was a bit of a horrible suprise at rehearsal in that I had to be measured for my costume, which I wasn’t expecting, and would have seriously freaked out about had I known in advance. The trouble is, the show isn’t until October, and I have absolutely no intention of being this size by then, but I couldn’t really tell them to measure me and then subtract 2 inches from all the measurements as I plan to be that much smaller by then?! Although hopefully it won’t matter too much, as it is my bottom half I really need to lose weight from, and I will be in a dress, so the bust and waist measurements should really be the only relevant ones, and although they are bigger than I want them to be, it is my hips and thighs that are the real issue, and the problem when it comes to buying clothing etc. My bust doesn’t change too much really – at the moment I am a 32C, and when I was at my smallest I was a 32B, so that isn’t a big issue. My waist is 2 inches bigger than it was when I was at my smallest, but I don’t have too much of an issue with my top half really, or at least as small an issue as I can have with any part of my body (except my feet – I like my feet!). I need to lose 3 inches off my hips, and 2 inches off each thigh though. When I lose weight it always comes off my waist first, thighs last. Which is unfortunate as my thighs are my most hated body part. I am thinking quite seriously about getting liposuction on them.

I have said I will go to London to meet up with a friend tomorrow. I haven’t seen her for about a year, so it will be lovely to see her, but I am quite anxious about it. I haven’t been to London for quite a few months – I used to go all the time, and then I started getting more and more anxious about it, and I also started having real issues with planning things in advance, so both this time and the last time I went to London I just arranged it the day before. I had a little freak out about it tonight, but apparently I do that every time I go to London according to my mum. She says that I spend the whole car journey to the station saying how anxious I am and asking if I will be ok, which I didn’t know I did, but apparently so. So she has told me I will be fine. Which I will. And it will be really good to see G because I love G. She is really good fun. Pretty crazy, but not in a mental health way – she is one of relatively few friends I have who don’t have any MH problems, but she is fairly eccentric in a lot of ways. So we are going to meet up, and try and get tickets for the matinee of Sweet Charity, and then go out for a meal after. A meal is obviously something of an issue at the moment, but meals are good opportunities to sit and chat, and I couldn’t really spend the whole day in London without eating. I am kind of hoping I get the opportunity to purge it – I wish I wasn’t thinking like that, and I really need to try not to, because I have a singing lesson Thursday and an audition Sunday, and purging always hurts my throat, which is sore anyway from being ill, but I am scared about how much weight I will gain if I don’t. Food is so damn scary. I shouldn’t plan to go out for a meal and purge it – that is not what people do. People go out for meals and enjoy them. How hard I find it will probably depend quite a lot on what my weight is like in the morning. If I have gained then I will find it really hard to eat without purging, as gaining 2 days running would be awful, but if I have lost then I might be ok. I am trying to focus on the positives of seeing my friend, and going to the theatre, and not thinking about the negatives of scary eating and food and weight and getting the train to London and all that sort of thing. I will be ok. Diazepam is my friend….

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>Bit better

>I am feeling a bit better today. Still not great, but better than yesterday or Saturday. Less painkillers required. So that’s good. Not sure if I am going to be up to dance in the morning or not – I would like to, because I feel like I should, as I do absolutely nothing else exercise wise, but I will see how I feel in the morning. The other part of me thinks it is a good excuse not to go, as if I don’t dance I don’t need to eat breakfast or lunch, and so have more chance of losing weight. Stupid brain. Had gained back half a pound today. I feel like a frigging yoyo. I suppose as long as the overall weight trend is down I will have to accept it, but it is so horrible getting on the scales and seeing the numbers go up.

I have a rehearsal tomorrow evening for the show I am doing in October, which is a dance rehearsal, but it is just learning the dance, so I can just mark it if I am not feeling well. Or if I am feeling lazy. Don’t need to dance it full out. T is coming over in a little while. He is bringing films, but I don’t know what. I shall update on that later!

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