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>Yes or No?

>So I can’t sleep again. No change there then. Tonight was a bit different though. I heard my dad walking past my room on his way back from the toilet at 4am, and as he had an operation earlier I thought I should check he was ok, which I dutifully did. He had woken up and wasn’t sleepy so I went into his room and chatted to him for a while, and then I had the genius idea of playing the yes or no game – you know the one where 1 person thinks of an object and can only answer questions with yes or no? So we started playing. I am apparently rather predictable. I thought of an object first and it went;

– Is it an animal?
– Yes
– Does it have 4 legs?
– Yes
– Is it black?
– Yes
– Is it the dog?
– Yes

Next go round I decided to pick a trickier object, and settled on a baby tomato plant. I don’t know why. I wanted to say a tomato seed, but I couldn’t work out what the answers would be for that, so I settled for a baby tomato plant. About 10 minutes of questioning later including ‘Is it small?’ ‘Yes’. ‘Does it flower?’ ‘No’ he eventually got it. And I came under heavy criticism as apparently tomato plants DO in fact flower (who’d have thought it?) and his tomato plants are 7 feet tall. That apparently doesn’t class as small. My answer that I was thinking of a baby tomato plant caused even more outrage from him. He got his own back by making his next object for me to guess a rusty screw on the shed floor. I got it though, which I think makes me the winner, yes?

Anyway, that took up an hour of my boring night – broke up the monotony a bit! I think I will try to sleep again now. Third time lucky and all that!


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