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>Passionate Blogger Award


A Glass Half Shattered has very kindly awarded me the Passionate Blogger Award. I am very excited as it is the first award anyone has ever given me for my blog, so thank you very much for that.
I now choose 5 bloggers to pass the award onto. This is hard, as I love all the blogs on my blogroll, but I am making a point of choosing people who haven’t already received it (to my knowledge), which eliminates some people, including some of my favourite bloggers. It was really difficult to just choose 5 people.
So in no particular order, my choices are…
Kris at Borderline Families – I only found this blog a couple of days ago, but have read back through all of her entries, and she seems incredibly dedicated and passionate. I am finding it interesting reading a blog from the point of view of someone who cares for someone with a mental health problem, rather than someone with a mental health problem like most of my blogroll are.
Cassie at Behind the Facade – Cassie has been on my blogroll for quite a long time now and I always like reading what is going on with her. She is clearly very passionate about mental health issues generally, as well as blogging.
Em at Eccedentesiast – I love Em. She is an inspiration. A fantastic blogger and a lovely person.
Margery Daw at round the mulberry bush – Margery Daw is a nearly qualified Mental Health Nurse. I like MH professionals/professionals-to-be that blog. I think it shows a passion and dedication to their job that lots of other staff could really learn from. And I like that she refers to her children as the three little pigs.
Annie at It’s Time To Get Over How Fragile You Are – I like the way she blogs. I included her because I think she is quite original. I like the pictures and bullet point format that her updates often consist of, as I find them easy to read when I am struggling to concentrate.
As I said, it was really hard to just pick five people, as I do love all the blogs I read. Those of you who I have awarded this to can now put it in your side bar and pass on the award to 5 other bloggers. Or just completely ignore it – your decision!

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